Quality Promise


Material to be an exact match with Quote
Finish to meet highest quality standards
Work to come with high durability & solid warranties

Our work comes along with a TWO YEAR WARRANTY PERIOD on any defects originating from the production stage. Also, the warranties given by our partners – on secondary material like electrical appliance providers – will be extended to clients by handing over a detailed invoice, which contains all relevant information, at the conclusion of every project.


The traditional method of creating or renovating home decor is to carry out production operations on location. We are not only comfortable with it, but also specialize in factory and hand manufacturing. While our woodwork predominantly takes place in the factory, we resort to manufacturing by hand only for certain special items.


All internal areas, regardless of their external finish, are laminated to the highest standards possible, specifically using white laminate of 0.68 mm or more. The external faces of weather-facing furniture like shutters will either sport a laminate of 1 mm or 0.1 mm membrane, according to the finish requested by the client.


Each and every hinge as well as channel installed by us will come from one of Hettich or EBICO, both of whom extend a lifetime guarantee on their products. Such a guarantee becomes invalid if a client were to clean the products with soap.


Our base material (including instances of usage in framework and shutters) will never contain particle board, we only use plywood of ISI grade. Between the two, plywood is far superior because it is stronger, harder, resistant to water, and able to firmly hold screws and nails. MDF is only used with the client’s approval, and that too only for the purpose of improving the design. As far as the kitchens and bathrooms are concerned, we utilize IS710 BWP plywood, but all other areas will have IS303 grade commercial plywood as their foundation.


Our preferred choice of glue is Fevicol Marine or its equivalent for non-factory work, and hot glue in case of a membrane finish.


We only source material from well-reputed brands which have exhibited a long history of excellent operational efficiency. Clients will be provided all relevant supplier details at the time of selection.

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