Long Distance Design

Long-Distance Design

The services provided by PARX Interiors include one particular offering that is extremely useful if clients want our design input, but are unable to get hold of us physically: Long-distance design.

We understand that our clients could hail from any part of the country, and yet demand access to the best that PARX Interiors has to offer. Thus, we are offering a tried and tested process which nullifies geographical and time limitations.

The Process of PARX’s Long Distance Design

1. Client Call

Any long distance project would start on the phone or on a Skype call, with the discussion revolving around your needs, vision, scope, style, etc.

Clear communication, throughout the entirety of the project, is the basis on which every project hinges. PARX adapts to your preferred communication medium – call, Skype, WhatsApp, E-mail – and ensures that every phase of the design process is clearly communicated.

Some ways in which we engage with our clients are as follows :
  • Sharing images of design to draw inspiration from.
  • Making a walkthrough video of the space to be designed along with an explanation of its existing status.
  • Sharing computer screen to better explain design concepts and options.
  • Sharing floor plans wherever possible.
  • Sharing photos of every room and wall in the space to be designed.

2. Client Approval for Design

At this point, the PARX Design Team comes up with a preliminary interior design for every room along with alternative choices, all the while maintaining it within the allotted budget.

Once the selections and a few revisions have been undertaken upon from the clients, the project gains momentum and a clear look. The Design Team makes the final changes, and attains clear and final approval from the clients.

3. Design Delivery

Now that the design process is reaching its conclusion, the PARX Design Team ensures that everything is on time, and on budget. Custom manufactured items like furniture and drapery are prepared through an open communication channel with local vendors. And, most importantly, the client-approved CAD drawings are delivered.

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