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PARX Interiors is a turnkey interior design firm that specializes in providing fully customizable home décor renovation solutions. We have proven our ability to create familial spaces that combine the ergonomic, functional, and aesthetic components that contribute to a warm, loving environment.

Customer Testimonials

“PARX Interiors embody professionalism. Their output is not only creative, but also innovative and personalized to each individual’s unique set of needs and preferences. When you put a dull, bleak home in their hands, they give you back a vibrant, beautiful space to live in. They’re just awesome!”

“The PARX team is wonderful, from conceptualisation to execution, everything proceeded according to plan and within budget. We loved that they listened to our ideas, and presented various options and alternatives via 3D renders to suit. They were a thorough joy to work with!”

“PARX helped us focus on our original vision and provided amazing levels of detail when it came to designing our home. From showing us various approaches to brainstorming the finer details, it was a great experience.”

“We appreciated the great service offered by PARX. They recommended various paint colours for our freshly overhauled kitchen & living room walls. PARX’s extensive experience boosted the overall experience. We are really with how our home turned out, and thankful for the input offered by PARX.”

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